CHICAGOJOEY INGRAM: Hero OF Crazy Internet based POKER Difficulties

CHICAGOJOEY INGRAM: Hero OF Crazy Internet based POKER Difficulties

Numerous web-based poker masters have taken on huge difficulties for the sake of prop wagers.

Yet, no one has acknowledged more insane demands than Joey “ChicagoJoey” Ingram.

The long-lasting in Naver web for poker ace has done all that from establishing hand-volume standards to accomplishing world class celebrity status faster than anyone.

Who Is Joe “ChicagoJoey” Ingram?

Joe Ingram is a mid-stakes poker expert who has practical experience in pot-limit Omaha. He’s won a fortune by multi-postponing mid-stakes PLO and getting dependability rewards.

However, the Chicago local was a long way from fruitful when he initially began playing during the 2000s. Ingram was just a sporting processor during his initial not many years.

He set aside installments worth up to $1,000, just to bust his bankroll over and over. Ingram filled in as a server as an afterthought to cover bills and renew his bankroll.

He went on in this style for quite a long time before a more-effective poker companion helped him out. Ingram’s mate showed him bankroll the board examples and urged him to begin at $0.05/$0.10 no-restriction hold’em.

Joey immediately observed that he was more effective at these stakes. However, this didn’t prevent him from going after higher cutoff points and multi-postponing before he was prepared.

Ingram at last improved his abilities to the place where he was reliably succeeding at low stakes. He then, at that point, set off to play more volume than any other individual and procure benefits through the two his low-stakes rewards and rewards.

Playing 600,000 Hands in A single Month

Notwithstanding turning into a fruitful web-based poker player in the last part of the 2000s, ChicagoJoey was as yet an obscure player. This changed, however, when he took on his previously broadcasted challenge in May 2009.

Ingram set off to play 600,000 web 카지노사이트 poker hands soon. This added up to playing a normal of 20,000 hands each day.

Putting this further into viewpoint, one would need to log 1,000 hands more than 20 hours just to keep pace. Some high-volume processors feel depleted after 20,000 hands inside a couple of days – not to mention consistently for a whole month.

Ingram established his ironman status by logging 600,400 hands in something like 30 days and beating the test. Besides the fact that he won a prop bet, however he likewise set himself up for life by establishing the standard for hands played soon.

Playing 50,000 Hands in 24 Hours

Ingram didn’t stand by lengthy to acknowledge his next close unthinkable test. He bet that he could break one more record by playing 50,000 hands in 24 hours or less.

This constrained him to average 2,083 hands each hour throughout a whole day. He likewise needed to show a benefit while crushing only in $0.10/$0.25 NL hold’em stakes.

Numerous players had doubts of Ingram finishing the test, considering that he was simply coming a 25,000-hand meeting where he lost 20 purchase ins. Individuals saw this on PokerTableRatings and arranged to wager against Joey.

He acknowledged more than $30,000 in prop wagers at 3:1 chances. This additional strain to the test, since he was on the snare for more than $10,000 on the off chance that he was unable to get done with a benefit.

Notwithstanding the strain in question, Ingram had the option to play 50,000 hands in 24 hours or less. He likewise reserved a benefit during the long distance race meeting and gathered more than $30k in prop bet rewards.

A web-based player by the handle of “Chiren” was later ready to log 58,000 hands in 24 hours or less. In any case, no one considers this the record since he lost cash.

Arriving at Cosmic explosion World class with Time Expiring

Around one year after the two records talked about above, Ingram took on another crazy test. This time, he expected to arrive at PokerStars’ Cosmic explosion Tip top celebrity status toward the finish of 2010.

Accomplishing the now-dead Cosmic explosion World class (SNE) level was hard enough with a year’s preparation. Arriving at PokerStars’ previous most elevated steadfastness level required procuring 1 million celebrity Player Focuses (VPPs) inside a solitary year.

Making Ingram’s assignment considerably harder is that he made the prop bet in mid-October.

He just had 347k VPPs at that point, which implied that he expected to procure 653k VPPs inside over two months.

Essentially every SNE part required the whole year to arrive at this level. Most players who set out for SNE status tumbled off pace inside a couple of months and never made it.

Ingram was attempting to crush just about eight months of Cosmic explosion Tip top VPPs into 2.5 months. By the by, he was positive about the matter and made a 3:1 prop bet with his flat mate “BallCup.”

“Just took my life until the end of the year and booked a SNE prop bet with my flat mate BallCup,” Ingram composed at that point.

“I got 3-1 chances and it’s my $15,000 to his $45,000. Also, the sum in rewards I will collect en route is around $90,000.”

Win 20 Million Play Cash Chips

Virtually all 바카라사이트 poker-based prop wagers spin around genuine cash games. Yet, Ingram made an exceptionally fascinating prop bet that elaborate play cash tables.

This challenge expected him to turn a beginning bankroll of 3,000 play cash chips into 20 million. The test got going all around ok, and he was almost poised to arrive at the essential chips.

In any case, Ingram in the end understood that he would be simply in a rush. He started playing less secure hands in order to make up the ground, just to miss the mark in the wake of losing a couple of enormous pots towards the end.

One Mile Swimming Prop Bet

Flexible investments director and extremely rich person Bill Perkins is all in all a prop bettor himself. He notoriously bet $600,000 that Dan Bilzerian couldn’t ride a bicycle from Las Vegas to L.A., which he lost.

Showing up on the Poker Life Digital broadcast, Perkins figured out that Ingram didn’t have the foggiest idea how to swim. So he bet ChicagoJoey that he was unable to swim a mile toward the finish of September 2017 – two months from the hour of their bet.

Ingram, who’d never swam in his life, set up $5,000 against Perkins’ $15,000 (3:1 chances) that he could swim the mile in St. Thomas (Caribbean Ocean). He wasn’t permitted to utilize any help, like buoyancy gadgets or blades.

Compose a 40,000-Word Book in 11 Days

ChicagoJoey has as of late created some distance from poker prop wagers and into different new bets. For example, he made a book-based prop bet in 2017.

Ingram expected to compose and distribute a 40,000-word poker digital book in 11 days. Composing was one more new region to Ingram, in light of the fact that composed nothing near the size of a book.

He was all the while ready to take the bet, however, betting $1,000 against day to day dream sports experts Saahil Sud and Jonathan Bunches.

Communicate in Mandarin Chinese Smoothly in One Year

2017 was a bustling year for Joe Ingram’s prop wagering takes advantage of, in light of the fact that he acknowledged one more fascinating bet. He set up $7,500 against two companions’ $45,000 that he could figure out how to communicate in Mandarin Chinese easily in a year’s time.

Mandarin Chinese is viewed as by some to be the most-troublesome dialect to learn. It’s brimming with abnormal sayings, adages, and homophones, making it incredibly difficult to dominate throughout quite a while — not to mention one.

Ingram, who made the bet in October 2017, was expected to take a 30-web recording test to demonstrate his Mandarin-talking abilities.

What Is Joe Ingram Doing Today?

Joe Ingram used to be an internet based poker star exclusively. Nonetheless, he’s been devoting additional opportunity to his business interests as of late. This has expected ChicagoJoey to keep a difficult exercise between his PLO meetings and business venture.

“It’s difficult to succeed at both.” he said, “I don’t actually have the foggiest idea how to adjust it.

“Playing poker, remaining truly sharp, continuously mulling over everything and concentrating on your game; while simultaneously, doing this load of other stuff.”

No matter what the extreme difficult exercise, Ingram has figured out how to stay a decent poker player while likewise doing great in business. His Poker Life Webcast has almost 70,000 YouTube devotees and is developing consistently.

Joey isn’t keen on abandoning poker right now. However, he trusts it’s hard to stay a serious poker player and furthermore stay aware of his side undertakings.


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“It is fascinating on the grounds that you feel how you might interpret specific circumstances is only not so speedy as it used to be,” he said of poker.


ChicagoJoey has finished the absolute most remarkable poker challenges of all time. He’s played 600k hands in a month, logged 50k hands in a day, and arrived at Cosmic explosion Tip top in a close unimaginable circumstance.

These difficulties address Ingram’s unbelievable poker perseverance, which has permitted him to play the sort of volume most players just dream about.

In any case, he’s not generally keen on making prop wagers on crazy accomplishments. ChicagoJoey is rather more centered around his web recording and making non-poker prop bets.