How to Win $100,000 Playing Casino Games: 9 Ways

How to Win $100,000 Playing Casino Games: 9 Ways

A long time back I read an article distributed by Michael Bluejay about how much better the chances of winning 1,000,000 bucks in a club was than playing the lottery.

Bluejay worked with Michael Shackleford, otherwise called the Wizard of Chances, for a very long time.

His framework was parlaying a $10 bet multiple times. All in all, you start with a bet of $10 and bend over after each success. You need to win 17 straight wagers to win 1,000,000.

Obviously winning 17 wagers straight is a super remote chance, yet it just so happens, it isn’t close insofar as stirring things up around town, or even a major moderate bonanza 카지노사이트  gaming machine.

The chances of multiplying your direction to 1,000,000 beginning with a $10 bet playing the player bet in baccarat or the don’t pass line bet in craps is under 170,000 to 1.

Yet, consider the possibility that you just need to win $100,000.

What does this do to the chances?

On the off chance that you utilize the Bluejay framework the chances of multiplying your approach to $100,000 beginning with a $10 bet playing baccarat or craps wagers as depicted above improve to under 20,000 to 1. On the off chance that you start with a $20 bet they improve to under 10,000 to 1.

Beginning with a $100 bet lessens the chances to a little more than 1,000 to 1.

Obviously these are all remote chances, however when you contrast them with numerous lotteries that have chances of north of 100 million to 1 to win the huge award they don’t look terrible.

All of this made me begin contemplating authentic ways of making $100,000 betting.

You can follow the technique depicted above, or you can attempt one of ones I portray underneath.

Some of them are outrageous remote chances, taking a risk at one godsend, and others have a superior opportunity to work however may take more time.

The least difficult way is wagered $100,000 on a solitary occasion, similar to red or dark at the roulette table, or on the player at baccarat, or on a game.

In any case, when I made the accompanying rundown I made the presumption that you don’t as of now have $100,000 to bet with.

1 – Gambling Machines

Many gambling machines have top bonanzas that pay $100,000 or more. A portion of the large reformists have an optional award that pays this much, and a portion of the machines that don’t for even a moment offer a dynamic big stake have top awards this enormous.

The chances are long, yet frequently you can risk $1 to get an opportunity at winning $100,000.

In the event that you don’t luck out and hit a major win the spaces will reliably deplete your bankroll.

2 – Keno

You can find keno games that offer a top award of $100,000 or something else for a bet of $1.

Keno has the most obviously terrible house edge in many club so very much like the gambling machines it’s anything but a game where you will crush out any benefit. You want to set fortunate and hit the enormous win up to bring in any cash.

3 – Win a Poker Competition

Poker competitions go all over the planet consistently from researchgate. A considerable lot of them have little purchase in’s and little compensation outs, yet some have pay outs in the large numbers. A large portion of the WPT and WSOP occasions pay more than 1,000,000 to the primary spot finisher and many have last tables that all compensation more than $10,000.

It’s a test to win a poker competition with hundreds or thousands of contestants, yet in the event that you’re a nice player your odds are obviously superior to playing the lottery, openings, or keno.

In the event that you enter a competition with 1,000 players for $2,000 and the main 10 players all success something like $100,000 you have a one of every 100 possibility hitting your objective. Furthermore, in the event that you win the competition you’ll win impressively more than $100,000.

Poker competitions are difficult to win and it helps impressively on the off chance that you’re a decent player, yet even as a normal player you have a practical opportunity to do competently.

Furthermore, regardless of whether you come to the last table and simply slip into the cash you have an extraordinary potential for success of multiplying your up front investment or more.

4 – Toil It Out at the Poker Tables

All that I’ve discussed so far depends on longer chances. However, on the off chance that you can win consistently playing poker you can crush out $100,000. It simply requires investment.

 READ MORE  A decent poker player can win around one major bet each hour playing limit Teas holdem. So assuming that you play $20/$40 you simply have to play 2,500 hours.

On the off chance that you play 40 hours seven days it’ll simply require 63 weeks to reach $100,000.

In the event that you play 50 hours per week it brings it down to only 50 weeks.

Obviously numerous factors become an integral factor. You might play at an alternate breaking point or play no restriction holdem.

However, the primary concern is in the event that you can get familiar with the abilities and systems expected to turn into a triumphant poker player you should simply play sufficiently long and you’ll crush out $100,000.

5 – Sports Wagering

Sports wagering is another region that permits a few bettors to make money reliably. Very much like poker it is difficult, yet a few punters make it happen.

The size of your wagers and your capacity to beat the games book straightforwardly impact on the off chance that you can make $100,000 wagering on sports and how quick you can get it done.

The keys are fostering a triumphant framework, dealing with your bankroll so you don’t hit a financial dead end on a down swing, and staying with your framework.

However it isn’t exactly the same thing, a few bettors can foster winning frameworks wagering on ponies and canines too. The method for coming to $100,000 is fundamentally something similar.

6 – Counting Cards

Similarly as some poker players can crush out $100,000 at the tables over the long run, some blackjack players who figure out how to exclude cards can crush a predictable benefit over the long haul.

Figuring out how to consider cards isn’t troublesome as many accept. Anybody with normal insight can advance decently fast, yet utilizing it successfully at the tables and pulling off it are additionally abilities that you really want to create.

Regardless of whether you’re ready to figure out how to count cards and pull off it the benefit is slow and the swings are still large.

Best case scenario, you work with an edge of under 2% and more often than not it’s more like a half percent.

This implies in the event that your typical edge is a half percent and your typical bet is $100 and you play 100 hands each hour you make $50 an hour by and large.

Yet, one issue card counters face is they for the most part can’t play for a large number of hours at a similar table, or even in similar club, similar to poker players can do. So it’s difficult to play at least 40 hours of the week. It’s conceivable, however it’s a test.

7 – Score that Sweepstakes

I talked a tad about the lottery in the initial segment of the post, and the chances are the most obviously terrible you can track down on this page. Yet, for a little venture of a dollar or two you get the opportunity to win millions.

A portion of the huge lotteries have runner up prizes of $100,000 or more, so the chances aren’t exactly as terrible assuming that is your objective.

8 – Roulette
In the event that you put down a bet of $2,857.14 on a solitary number on the roulette table and win you’re up a cool $100,000. What’s more, the chances are simply 37 to 1 against you, so it’s not feasible for it to work out.

On the off chance that you don’t have that much to gamble with you can wager $81.64 on a solitary number and let it ride assuming that you win. On the off chance that you win two times in succession you win simply more than $100,000.

9 – Video Poker

Jacks or Better video 바카라사이트  poker machines pay 4,000 coins for an imperial flush, so in the event that you play max coins on a $25 machines, making a bet of $125, assuming you hit the regal you leave with $100,000.

The chances are long, yet they’re extensively better compared to most gaming machines and the lottery.


Presently you know something like 9 methods for winning $100,000 betting. Some of them are remote chances like playing the lottery, keno, or gaming machines. Be that as it may, a couple of them are more sensible like poker, blackjack, and sports wagering. They simply take additional time.

The games you decide to play and the manner in which you approach going for $100,000 really relies on how you need to play. In the event that you get a rush out of the opportunity at a major return for a little speculation you can track down a lot of chances.

Yet, assuming you appreciate crushing out a little edge over the long haul you can do that as well. When you conclude how you need to attempt to win $100,000 betting you can get everything rolling any time.